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Bail Bond Terms and Conditions

Bail Bond Legal Contract

The Bail Bond Contract is a monetary guarantee to Fort Bend County District Attorney and the Court of jurisdiction, financially obligating all participating parties i.e., Bonding Company, Cosigner (Co-Surety) and Defendant. Consequently entering into a contractual agreement of this magnitude should be carefully considered and the responsibilities completely understood before proceeding. The same bail bond and contractual obligation exists when attempting to post cash bonds.

As stated in the Bail Bond, "That we, (defendant name), as Principle (also referred to as "Defendant"), and the undersigned (bail bond company), as Surety (whether one or more), are held and firmly bound unto the STATE OF TEXAS in the penal sum of (total dollar amount of bond(s)) Dollars, and in addition thereto, we are bound for prejudgement interest at the rate of TEN (10%) PER CENT on the face amount of this bond and for the payment of all fees and expenses that may be incurred by any peace officer in re-arresting the said Principle (Defendant) in the event any of the stated conditions of this bond are violated".

All documents must be signed in person and copies provided when the bail bond is presented to the Ft Bend County Sheriffs' Bonding Division for processing.

Promissory Note

In addition a Promissory Note signed by an approved Cosigner (Co-Surety), to indemnify (Promise to Pay) Fort Bend County Bail Bonds as stated in the Bail Bond, the face amount of the bond and for the payment of all fees and expenses that may be incurred by any peace officer and or recovery agent(s) in re-arresting the Defendant in the event any of the stated conditions of this bond are violated. Other legal documents may be incorporated into the contractual agreement as well, therefore it is important to treat each case individually and based on its own merits.

Bond Conditions

You should be aware of bond conditions. Both the court and the bonding company will have specific bond conditions for the term of the bond or final disposition.

The Court may attach conditions and revoke a bond in the event of non-compliance. The most common condition is for drug offenses. Requiring the defendant to "submit to random/alcohol drug tests". These tests are administered and supervised by the Probation Department.

A standard for bonding company conditions does not exist. It is reasonable to expect clients to be responsible, make all scheduled court appearances and provide the bonding company with updated information for the pendency of the case. The burden is on the Cosigner and Defendant to relate updated information.

  • Weekly check-in by phone or email
  • Notice of change of phone, address and employment
  • Attorney or Lawyer information hired or appointed to represent defendant
  • Court resets or continuances
  • Re-arrested and or on bond with another bonding company
  • Additional conditions may apply

Fort Bend County Bail Bonds reserves the right to request an Affidavit of Surety to Surrender in the event of non-compliance.
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