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Bail Bonds in Sugar Land Texas

Sugar Land Police Department

Sugar Land Police Department

1200 Highway 6 S
281-275-2020 (non-emergency)
Website: Sugar Land PD

Sugar Land PD transfers prisoners charged with Class B misdemeanors or greater to Fort Bend County Jail (Sheriffs Office) in Richmond.
After the prisoner is processed in the Fort Bend Jail a bond(s) can be presented for release.

Have A Plan

Before rushing to the jail to wait for hours in the lobby, you should have a plan. We will explain your options and help you establish a plan. We can help you! Call 281-341-9449 for information and insight.

Bonds must contain specific information for the Bonding Division Clerk to accept it. It must be error free and will be scrutinized for accuracy prior to being sent to booking.

The jail charges a $15.00 exact cash fee per bond, capped at $30.00. The processing fee is actually for state implemented District Attorneys' retirement fund.

The release process takes one to three hours. By presenting the bond(s) we confirm and ensure the release process.

A court date will be assigned and typed on the bond. You should read the bond and fully understand what is expected.