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Bail Bonds in Richmond Texas

Cosigner for Bail Bonds

Bonds require a Cosigner to sign the bond(s) and Promissory Note to indemnify or pay the cost in the event of default - "fail to appear". Therefore the Cosigner must meet certain financial criteria.

The contractual obligation to the county and court is a serious matter. If a default occurs, a civil lawsuit is filed by the county against all parties. The relationship between bonding company and co-signer is mutually vested. The qualification process is assessed according to each specific scenario. Because the criminal justice system is often intimidating and confusing, it is important the majority of young adults arrested have guidance and oversight. Reducing the potential mistakes while increasing damage control is an achievable goal.

Basic personal information is required and the ability to assume the financial responsiblity verified. The information is confidential not shared to third parties with the exception of debt collection procedures.

The information can be provided by phone or in form via email at Online Cosigner Application. Please call 281-341-9449 to begin the process prior to submitting application.

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