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Bail Bonds in Richmond Texas

Fort Bend County Bond Conditions

You should be aware of bond conditions. Both the court and the bonding company will have specific bond conditions for the term of the bond or final disposition.

The Court may attach conditions and revoke a bond in the event of non-compliance. The most common condition is for drug offenses. Requiring the defendant to "submit to random/alcohol drug tests". These tests are administered and supervised by the Probation Department.

Question: Is that condition a form of punishment, prior to conviction and an assumption of guilt? Perhaps, nonetheless our current state legislation allows it.

Another common condition probably more appropriately used, is for Assault/Family Violence. "The defendant must not have contact with the victim." Obvioulsy no one advocates spousal abuse, however an argument that leads to a 911 call will result in an arrest, even with the absence of physical injuries.

Question: Typically married couples live together, am I expected to move while this case is pending? Suddenly the argument over finances that caused the destruction of personal property will become more costly...Because you need a lawyer...

Some conditions need addressing prior to presenting a bond. Example: If a monitor is required you must first make arrangements with the Probation Department. This can include a deposit ($), must be done during business hours and before release.

A standard for bonding company conditions does not exist. It is reasonable to expect clients to be responsible, make all scheduled court appearances and provide the bonding company with updated information for the pendency of the case. The burden is on the Cosigner and Defendant to relate updated information. Find important Cosigner information explaining in length the contractual and financial obligations. We strive to treat each case on its own merits.

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