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Criminal Defense and Legal Representation

Court Appointed Lawyers

Appointing Lawyers is the discretion of the Court. As a rule, appointments are for the indigent and/or incarcerated.
You must be able to show the Court the financial inability to hire a Lawyer.
Typically if able to post bond - able to hire a Lawyer is the central point.

Note: Lawyers submit invoices to the County for each case and the County is responsible for paying the bill.

To date, most Courts have demonstrated patience in allowing defendants ample time to interview Attorney's provided the effort is sincere.

If you appear without counsel at arraignment you may request a reset date for the purpose of hiring an Attorney.

Show due diligence by documenting Attorney interview names, dates, times and fees quoted. Be prepared to present information to the Court.

The right to legal representation is important.

Be aware; the outcome of a misdemeanor shoplifting conviction can have future consequences on employment opportunities.